Mutually beneficial cooperation

Today DIAMED-Pharma Ltd is a stable enterprise with rapidly developing production, extensive experience in distribution activities, production and promotion of modern quality products. We constantly provide our partners with quality distribution, promotion and sales.
The company DIAMED-Pharma Ltd carries out its activities in three main directions:
1. Work with its own medicines: development, registration, production and promotion of drugs.
2. Realization of wholesale supplies of medicinal products manufactured in the Russian Federation to the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
3. Implementation of wholesale supply of medicines in the territory of the Russian Federation.
We are an exclusive distributor and authorized representative of manufacturers' factories and also a member of Apteka Group Holding, which holds a significant share of the pharmacy market in the Republic of Belarus. Also our company successfully participates in tenders, contracts are concluded with all state Formations of the Republic of Belarus and with all significant commercial networks.