DIAMED-Pharma Ltd - production and pharmaceutical company

DIAMED-Pharma Ltd is a modern, dynamically developing manufacturing and pharmaceutical company founded in August 2008, belonging to a new generation of pharmaceutical manufacturers, operating in accordance with innovative trends in the development of the pharmaceutical market and meeting international quality standards.

Since its founding, the pharmaceutical company has created and brought to market the popular medicines available to all categories of citizens.

Nowadays DIAMED-Pharma Ltd is a full-cycle pharmaceutical company operating in three main areas:

1. Development, registration, production and promotion / sale of own medicines;
2. Wholesale supply of medicinal products manufactured by the Russian Federation to the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
3. Wholesale supply of medicinal products in the territory of the Russian Federation;

Since 2015, our company owns the brand Mucosat® (registered TK), patents for composition and manufacture, with two registration certificates: for Mucosat 100mg / ml solution for the intramuscular injection and ointment 5%.

Mucosat® is produced at the production site of Joint Stock Company Kurgan Society of Medical Preparations and Products Sintez. For the first half of 2017, more than 1 000 000 packages of different doses and pre-packages were sold. In Uzbekistan there are other production sites: FBI SID & GP and CJSC Zelenaya Dubrava and other sites with production capacities that can fully meet the needs of the population of the Russian Federation and other states in the drug Mucosat®.

In the development of the company there are several other preparations in the trading line Mucosat®, preparations with various forms of delivery of the active substance. Six patents have already been received, 4 more patents are in the registration mode.

Also, DIAMED-Pharma Ltd develops biologically active additives and prepares for their industrial production. Supplements will be produced under its own brand, which is now under registration.

Wholesale deliveries of medicinal products manufactured by the Russian Federation to the territory of the Republic of Belarus;

The company DIAMED-Pharma is an exclusive distributor and authorized representative of manufacturers' factories.

DIAMED-Pharma Ltd is a member of the Apteka Group Holding, which holds a significant share of the pharmacy market in the Republic of Belarus. Also our company successfully participates in tenders, contracts are concluded with all state Formations of the Republic of Belarus and with all significant commercial networks.

Today DIAMED-Pharma Ltd is a stable, rapidly developing company, with extensive experience in distribution activities, production and promotion of quality products. We provide our partners with the quality of distribution, promotion and sales.

The company DIAMED-Pharma Ltd is the holder of the registration certificate for the preparation Mucosat®, the owner of the Mucosat® Trademark No. 222413 and patents for the composition and technology:

- № 2021812 "Means for the treatment of arthritic diseases" (Mucosat®);
- No. 2612014 "Means for the treatment of arthritic diseases" (Mucosat®);
- № 2200018 "Method of preparation of the injection form of the drug Chondroitin sulfate";
- № 2612019 "Method of production of the injection form of the preparation based on chondroitin sulfate".
- № 2580589 "Method of preparation of the injection form of the preparation Chondroitin sulfate".