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Pharmaceutical form
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Manufacturer: Marbiopharm

Pharmachological action

Combined preparation containing a complex of vitamins, which are important factors in the metabolic processes.

Therapeutic Indications

- Apply with hypovitaminosis;
- To improve the metabolism and general condition in the elderly and old age;
- With the use of antibiotics;
- In the period of convalescence after an illness;
- With increased physical and mental stress.


- Individual hypersensitivity to the drug;
- Simultaneous treatment with other vitamin preparations.

Be wary of: severe liver damage; gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Special instructions

While receiving the drug may urine yellowing that is completely harmless and is due to the presence in the preparation of riboflavin.


1 tablet contains:

Active ingredients: retinol palmitate - 1,817 mg (3,300 IU); thiamine hydrochloride - 2mg; riboflavin - 2 mg; pyridoxine hydrochloride - 3 mg; cyanocobalamin - 2 g; Nicotinamide - 20 mg; Rutoside - 10 mg; Tocopherol acetate - 10 mg; folic acid - 0.07 mg; calcium pantothenate - 3 mg; ascorbic acid - 75 mg.

Other ingredients: wheat flour, starch syrup, talc, sunflower oil, peppermint essential oil rectified, sucrose wax.

Posology and administration

The drug is taken orally after a meal.

To prevent hypovitaminosis: recommended for adults and 1 tablet per day.

In the recovery period, the elderly to improve metabolism, with increased physical and mental stress: it is recommended to take 2-3 pills a day.

The course of treatment 20-30 days. The intervals between courses of 1-3 months. Repeated courses on doctor's advice.

Side effects

Allergic reactions are possible.

Drug interactions

Not recommended simultaneous reception of other multivitamin complexes in order to avoid overdose.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place at temperatures not above 25 ° C.

Keep out of the reach of children.