Mucosat - the best medicine for the treatment of degenerative diseases

Mucosat ® proves to be effective in treating patients with degenerative diseases of spine and extremity joints.

History of MUCOSAT® medical preparation.
The development of the molecule and substance in the Institute of Medical Preparation in the USSR started as early as in the year 1987. A little bit later, the original substance was registered and its industrial-scale production was launched.

In 1992, phase III of clinical trials of the preparation Mucosat® began in 10 Russian clinics, including the Institutes of Rheumatology in Moscow and St.Petersburg, the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, the Department of Hospital Therapy of the Volgograd Medical Institute.

According to the results of clinical trials, it was concluded that the preparation "Mucosat®" is effective in treating patients with degenerative diseases of spine and extremity joints. The product is non-toxic, its therapeutic efficacy is determined by the restoration of cartilaginous tissue, inhibition of joint destruction, increased proliferative activity in cartilage and subchondral bone osteocytes, it regulates the synthesis of synovial fluid. Significant improvement in 93.3% of patients as a result of administering "Mucosat®" has been reported by various clinics. Its positive effect remains during 1-1.5 years. "Mucosat®" is approved for production and widest application for medical purposes.

The efficacy and safety of MUCOSAT®.
It is the original preparation that contains:
Active substance: chondroitin sodium sulfate 100 mg
- Auxiliary substances: 9 mg of benzyl alcohol; water for injection up to 1 ml
- It does not contain sodium bisulfite.

The preparation has a chondroprotective effect, it stimulates regeneration of cartilaginous tissue, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It takes part in the formation of the basic substance of cartilaginous and bony tissue, improves calcium/phosphorus metabolism in cartilaginous tissue, inhibits enzymes that impair the structure and function of articular cartilage and inhibits the processes of cartilaginous tissue degeneration. It stimulates the synthesis of proteoglycans, normalizes metabolism of hyaline cartilage, helps regenerate cartilaginous surfaces and joint capsule. It prevents compression of connective tissue, increases the production of synovial fluid and the mobility of affected joints, reduces concomitant inflammation and pain, helps reduce the need in NSAID. In degenerative changes in cartilaginous tissue, it can be used as substitution therapy.

Description of effect.

Mucosat ® for injection contains 100 mg/ml of chondroitin sulfate dissolved in benzyl alcohol and water.

Articular cartilage is built from a unique connective tissue which consists of collagen and proteoglycans proteins. Only 5% of proteoglycans are protein molecules, while 95% of them are molecules of glycosaminoglycans, including chondroitin sulfate. Amino sugars (glucosamine and galactosamine), along with hyaluronic acid, are "molecular building blocks" from which chondroitin sulfate or other glycosaminoglycans are made of. Therefore, being starting materials of cartilage, chondroitin sulfate, amino sugars and hyaluronic acid have become popular as chondroprotectors and chondrostimulators in osteoarthritis.

Although we don’t know the exact mechanism of action of chondroprotectors, clinical observations show that these substances:
- stimulate the formation of cartilage matrix,
- reduce the enzymatic degradation of cartilage components,
- ensure anti-inflammatory effect,
- restore homeostasis of chondrocytes,
- regulate the synthesis of synovial fluid.

Benefits of injectable chondroprotectors.

Ampouled hondroprotectors prove to have more benefits as compared to the same preparation in capsules or pills for oral use, since it can be injected directly into the inflamed area (the joint). Even when administered intramuscularly, its biological activity will be higher, since the preparation enters directly the blood stream and does not pass through the gastro-intestinal tract, where it can be split by

In clinical trials, it was recorded that if administered intramuscularly, Mucosat ® showed to produce a perceptible effect after a two-week period already. Moreover, this effect remains 2-3 times longer after discontinuation of treatment as compared to using oral medications.

Bioaccessibility of orally administered chondroitin does not exceed 10-13%.
Indications and contraindications.
In accordance with the instructions, indications for use of Mucosat ® are as follows:
- degenerative-dystrophic diseases of joints and spine,
- primary osteoarthritis,
- osteoarthritis with a lesion of major joints,
- osteochondrosis of intervertebral discs.

The preparation is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, in childhood and adolescence. Mucosat ® must not be taken in tendency to bleeding and thrombophlebitis.

The preparation Mucosat ® is to be administered intramuscularly 1 ml every other day. In case of high tolerability, the dose may be increased up to 2 ml, starting with the 4th injection. The course of treatment is 25-30 injections. If necessary, you can repeat the course fter 6 months.

Benefits of MUCOSAT®

- The preparation Mucosat® has been on the market for over 20 years already.
- It has the original formula without sodium disulfite, phenol and other toxic substances.
- Proven clinical effect, experts’ opinions.
- Patent-protected technology of production and composition.